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● Medical imaging: CT, DR, medical X-ray system, diasonograph, MRI equipment, tumor therapy equipment, medical film, film processing system, etc.;
● Mobile intelligent monitoring and telemedicine: sleep monitor, remote monitoring of ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen and body temperature, cloud blood pressure meter, monitoring of blood pressure & blood glucose with bluetooth, wearable medical & healthy device, etc.;
● Diagnosis and therapy equipment: endoscope system, ENT & Eye & Dental and Oral therapeutic devices, dynamics analyzer, cryogenic device, dialysis treatment equipment, first-aid equipment, etc.;
● Surgical instrument: electrotome and its consumables, surgical stapler, suture needle/suture, laser surgical unit, ultrasonic surgical unit, etc.
● Ward nursing equipment and appliance: bed, vehicle, table, cabinet, shelf, etc.;
● Sterilizing supplies: medical air disinfector, vacuum sterilizer, ultrasonic cleaning system, disinfectant, etc.;
● Auxiliary products: oxygenator, respirator, blood pressure meter, blood glucometer, thermometer, potential therapeutic equipment, X-ray protection equipment, oxygen making and supplying unit, blood bank, medical data and image processing equipment, rehabilitation appliance, devices dedicated to the disabled, etc.;
● Dental, orthopedic and ophthalmological equipment;
● Medical supplies and sanitation materials: medical bandage, gauze, mask, surgical gown, adhesive plaster, adhesive bandage, cotton ball, gloves, surgical film, athletic tape, adhesive, medical dressing, disposable syringe, infusion set, etc.;
● Equipment and appliances for operating rooms, emergency rooms and consulting rooms;
● Health information technology, software, electronic medical record, etc.;
● New medical devices and supporting instruments: high-tech and patented medical products, national high-tech medical projects, etc.



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